Their first album, “Berserker”, was a shocker. Indeed Beast in Black, the music child of Anton Kabanen, after his exit from Battle Beast, gave us a fresh, healthy dose of melodic power metal, showcasing their songwriting and performing genius. The band’s power metal is full of arena rock and 80s pop elements – you may also find arcade game music traces and 80s home movie music influences. This mixture of melodic music is repeated perfectly in Beast in Black’s second album. Yes, “From Hell with Love” is as good as the debut – frankly, when I listen to the new songs, I get more and more excited and say to myself: this band is super and their songs are mindblowing! Listen to their compositions and you will become a fan! The melodies are so catchy, the refrains so emphatic, the guitar work so impressive! Kabanen drops outstanding guitar riffs and solos, Yannis Papadopoulos, the new Greek vocal star, will drive you crazy with his multi-dimensional vocals. Every song in “From Hell with Love” is a true hit – you won’t find a filler, just killers! Beast in Black is a new force in the international power metal scene – with their songs they prove that they can become masters in their kind. The Finnish guys with the Greek frontman are here. Their fantastic music awaits to be discovered.

♦ 8.5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos