I was very excited, when I heard the news that Fifth Angel, this classic US metal band of the 80s, would return with a new album, their third record after the monumental “Fifth Angel” and “Time Will Tell”. Imagine my reaction, when I listened to all their new songs of the “The Third Secret” album! Yes, Fifth Angel have released a killer album, with great compositions, true heavy metal hymns and top class musical ideas! Yes, “The Third Secret” is a masterpiece, a heavy metal thunder that will melt you! These words aren’t an exaggeration, they reflect how things are in reality. Just listen to the band’s new songs, they all are so inspired and full with catchy refrains and razor riffs. You won’t find a dull moment in this new Fifth Angel record – the band managed to produce something special, an album that has the inspiration of the 80s and the sound quality of the modern days. I don’t really know where to start from – the amazing performances? The incredible musicianship? The solid and groovy rhythm section? The shivering melodies? The emotional expression? Everything is exceptional here, everything will bring you tons of pleasure and adrenaline. And of course, we should emphasize on the vocals of Kendall Bechtel and on the masterwork of the guitars. Bechtel sounds like a darker version of Ronnie James Dio and the guitars are cutting like a knife! Overall, Fifth Angel are not just delivering the goods, they give us a heavy metal gift – shockingly perfect, unique and impressive. Come taste this album!

♦ 9/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos