Temper come from the Czech Republic and they have just released their EP, “Break the Rule”. Having listened to their three songs, “Break the Rule”, “Rising Up!” and “Solidity”, I can say with confidence that this newcomer band has many things to say and offer. First of all, they have produced a sound of their own – combining elements from different metal genres, such as melodic metal, power metal and metalcore, they present us their own musical personality. Secondly, they seem to be very inspired since they have crafted three very interesting songs, which contain memorable refrains, hulking riffs and a heavy and solid rhythm section. And last but not least, they have a perfect sense of both melody and aggression – just listen to how they mix the beautiful female vocals with the brutal male ones. What I also like about their music is the amazing guitar work – generally, the guitars are prominent in Temper’s well-balanced music. So, with this EP, Temper create high hopes for the future. I am sure that if they continue in the same way, we will soon hear a lot from them!

♦ 7.5/10

                                  Dimitris Zacharopoulos