Felskinn isn’t well-known in Greece, since the Swiss band hasn’t made its breakthrough yet. However, they have released two albums until now and toured a lot in Europe. “Mind Over Matter” is their new full-length album and it seems that their name will get bigger. Produced by the one and only Jacob Hansen and with Mike Terrana on drums, the brainchild of singer Andy Portmann is a well-crafted and inspired album that every fan of melodic hard rock/metal should listen to. Felskinn’s advantage is that Portmann knows how to compose nice songs that draw the listener’s attention. The album’s songs won’t tire you – on the contrary, “Mind Over Matter” includes countless ideas: wonderful melodies are fused with straightforward guitar riffs on the solid basis of the rhythm section.  Portmann gives a passionate performance, Terrana’s drumming falls like an anvil and the guitars cut like a razor. Immediately after the first listening session, I caught myself singing the lyrics of every song – Felskinn are going to impress you with their fresh and warm version of hard rock/metal. Give it a try and you will remember these words. Thumbs up!

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos