When it comes to Italian power metal, the expectations are high, since you are waiting for something special. In the case of Altair, their first full-length album (“Lost Eden”, 2013) offered us state-of-the-art power/prog metal, and that’s happening again in their second album, named “Descending: A Devilish Comedy”. This time the band sounds more modern and heavy, but all the main characteristics are present. That means that you can hear all their brilliant melodies, all their catchy guitar riffs, the perfect vocals of Simone Mala and their solid rhythm section. Altair’s new songs reminded me of great Italian bands, such as Eldritch, Athena etc., but also acts like Royal Hunt and Angra. If you are into power/prog, you have to keep in mind the name of the band. They are passionate, they play with full force and their inspiration is the ideal company for everyone, who likes loud, melodic and complex music. Altair don’t create something new, but they are excellent songwriters and their personality is mesmerizing. Listen to “Descending: A Devilish Comedy” and you will get lost in a strange and beautiful world. Songs like “Path of Worms”, “Seed of Violence” and “Flame of Knowledge” will impress you! And Simone Mularoni’s production stresses out all the advantages of Altair’s music and emphasizes in the band’s warm, pompous melodic style. A power/prog metal that should not be missed!

♦ 7,5/10

                                           Dimitris Zacharopoulos