According to the band's new video message, Dream Theater are currently working on the follow-up to "The Astonishing" album (2016), which is going to be "heavy, progressive, melodic, shredding and epic"! James LaBrie, John Petrucci and the rest of the pioneering band have locked themselves in the studio and have begun composing new songs. Let's see what LaBrie and Petrucci said in the clip.

James LaBrie: "John and I are here at the studio. We've been here for one week, and it is going sensational. Everybody is in the one room, and we're all interacting with one another, and I've gotta tell you, if the first week is any indication of where this album is going, you're in for a treat".

John Petrucci: "Yeah, the vibe is really cool, the hang is cool, the atmosphere, the inspiration. It's been great — there's a lot of ideas flowing. It's already been really productive, only a week in, which is cool".

J.LaBrie: "Not to mention just the style of the music, which I think a lot of people will stand up and applaud at this point. But there's a heaviness to it, there's an aggression to it. But you mentioned something earlier when we were talking about this, and you said, what was it? The five…"

J. Petrucci: "The five pillars of D.T. I think everyone's on the same page with the type of record this is gonna be. I mean, so far the music is heavy, it's progressive, it's melodic, it's shredding, and it's also epic. So it has all those elements, which… they are the five pillars of Dream Theater, if you wanna call it that. We just called it that; there you go ... And the cool thing is everybody is contributing. We're fired up with all our gear as a band, so it's a real big live sound. We kind of get an idea when we're writing what things really feel like to play and whether the grooves are powerful or whatever, whether it really is hitting us and making the hairs on our arms stand up. And just to give you a little insight on how we're doing this and what we'll be doing for the next couple of months, we have all the gear set up, all of our live gear, and we're basically going through this kind of neat little board here that we have set up. It's a very simple thing, but all the instruments are pretty much direct. We only have four mics on the drums, and as we complete a section or a song even, we get it to where we can all play it — as hard as it is, however many takes we have to get and we get a really solid live demo out of it. And then what we're gonna do is we're also multitracking, so we'll take that multitrack and then we'll mix that down, so we'll have a pretty good-quality demo. And then our engineer will then take that and prep it for tracking, so he'll prep it for Pro Tools, so when it's time to track and overdub, we'll be all set to do that".

J.LaBrie: "I think that's the beauty, though — you're laying it down and you're recording it, and then we get a reference mix. So we know right away: is it hitting us the same way that it felt when it was going down? And then you're able to either adjust, go back, rethink it, or it's great, and we can just move on. It's a very positive situation and a very productive one".





Another sad loss for the metal music world, as Ralph Santolla died yesterday (6th June 2018) after suffering a heart attack. He had been in a coma for almost a week. 

His mother, Sue Santolla-Rocha, had revealed his condition in a Facebook post:  "Friends and family, it is out there now, so let me tell you what I know. Ralph thought he had a spider bite on Saturday. Went to the hospital. It was not a spider bite; it was a blood clot. Tuesday night he fell and he had a heart attack. John Rocha gave him CPR until EMT arrived. His heart had stopped but they got him back. His visuals are stable but he is in a coma. He is on a ventilator, but he is breathing around it. He could breathe on his own, but they do not want to add additional strain to his body. He is in a coma. That is the main concern at this moment. They can fix everything else. We are having as many of his friends as he can come and talk to him and play music. There has been a minimal movement, but some. It is ICU, but he is in a private room and they are letting anyone in and they can stay as long as they want. So please pray as he has people all over the world praying and if you can come and spend time with him. Please… he needs to get back from the place that he is in. I love you all... Let's just work on getting him out of the coma if we can".

Later on, Ralph's mother confirmed that he was taken off life support and passed away. The Italian-American guitarist had been a member of Death, Iced Earth, Deicide, Obituary etc. Our thoughts go his family and friends. Rest in Peace, Ralph ...    


AOR/classic/prog rockers The Night Flight Orchestra are going to release their new album on June 29 via Nuclear Blast. As everybody knows, The Night Flight Orchestra is the supergroup, which was formed by members of Soilwork and Arch Enemy. The follow-up to the successful "Amber Galactic" (2017) was again produced by the bandmembers themselves and was recorded at Handsome Hard Music / Larsson Music Studio as well as Nordic Sound Lab in Skara, Sweden. Mixing duties were taken on by the band's guitarist/percussionist Sebastian Forslund and mastering was done by Thomas "Plec" Johansson at The Panic Room.

The band baptized its new album "Sometimes The World Ain't Enough" and has just released its new video for a song from this upcoming album ("Lovers in the Rain").

The band comments: "'Lovers In The Rain' is the soundtrack of the way it felt when you held the hand of your first true love for the first time. Happiness so intense, your heart beating so fast that it almost feels like a panic attack. And in the back of your head, you're already mourning the fact that one day it will all be over. But during those first trembling moments, you know that nothing will ever be the same again. From now on, you will always compare every life experience to these first magic moments. 'Lovers in the Rain' is an homage to the anthems of our youth, the songs that made us believe that in every life; no matter how insignificant you might feel sometimes, you will someday have that experience with someone. Hopefully with The Night Flight Orchestra playing in the background. And believe us, we've all been there. This song, like the whole new album, is about those moments when you transcend reality and might for one fleeting moment catch a glimpse of the otherworldly. It's for each and every one of you, with love from The Night Flight Orchestra, remembering everyone we've ever loved and lost".

"Sometimes The World Ain't Enough" tracklist:

01. This Time 
02. Turn To Miami 
03. Paralyzed 
04. Sometimes The World Ain't Enough 
05. Moments Of Thunder 
06. Speedwagon 
07. Lovers In The Rain 
08. Can't Be That Bad 
09. Pretty Thing Closing In 
10. Barcelona 
11. Winged And Serpentine 
12. The Last Of The Independent Romantics 
13. Marjorie (limited-edition digipack CD and vinyl bonus track) 
14. Pacific Priestess (Japanese bonus track)
Björn Strid - Vocals 
Sharlee D'Angelo - Bass 
David Andersson - Guitars 
Richard Larsson - Keyboards 
Jonas Källsbäck - Drums 
Sebastian Forslund - Guitars, Percussion, Special FX 
Anna-Mia Bonde - Backing Vocals 
Anna Brygård - Backing Vocals
Photo credit: Carlos Del Olmo Holmberg

The one and only Dee Snider, the frontman of Twisted Sister, is going to release his solo album, "For the Love of Metal", on July 27th via Napalm Records. was produced by Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta and featuring contributions from Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage), Mark Morton (Lamb Of God), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Joel Grind and Nick Bellmore (Toxic Holocaust) and Charlie Bellmore (Kingdom Of Sorrow). 

The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Lies Are A Business 
02. Tomorrow's No Concern 
03. I am The Hurricane 
04. American Made 
05. Roll Over You 
06. I'm Ready 
07. Running Mazes 
08. Mask 
09. Become The Storm 
10. The Hardest Way 
11. Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy) 
12. For The Love of Metal
Below you can watch Snider making an announcement about his upcoming new solo album: