The program of the upcoming Disturbed concert in Release Athens Festival 2019 has been revealed. Doors will be opened at 17:00 and the evening will begin at 17:30 with Breath After Coma. Need will start their concert at 18:30, and will be followed by SiXforNinE, who will perform at 19:45. Anthrax will enter the stage at 21:00 and Disturbed at 23:00. The 30th of June, 2019, will be a helluva night! Can't wait for Anthrax and Disturbed, but also for the opening acts!


Another sign of restricting the freedom of art has been detected, this time in Ireland. Kevin Sheehan, Irish councillor, has requested from the Minister For Justice to stop Behemoth, the Polish black metallers, from playing in Limerick, Ireland, next week. The Polish band is scheduled to perform at King John's Castle on June 17, together with Amon Amarth. 

Sheehan said: "To me, the objection is well founded and it's quite justified. Satanism is associated with evil. And I'm a Christian. I wouldn't be blowing my trumpet too loud about that. I'm an average Christian, if there's such a thing. And what I am against totally is anything to do with Satanism and with evil thoughts, music or practices." And continued: "We have laws in this country. The justice minister, Charlie Flanagan, about a month ago decided to exercise a 1999 act which allowed him to prevent a pastor from America, a guy called Steven Anderson, and he had anti-Semitic and anti-gay views, and he was prevented, because of those views, from coming to Ireland. So I was calling on the minister to give serious consideration to using the same laws to prevent these Satanic people from coming to Limerick next Monday."

They are the creators of heavy metal, but that doesn’t mean that they listen to contemporary, modern metal. Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler revealed that they don’t listen to much metal, at he launch of a Black Sabbath expedition in their homeland, Birmingham. More specificly, they said:

Geezer Butler – “I don’t particularly (listen to new metal bands). The Beatles, The Stones and The Kinks, that’s my kind of music.”

Tony Iommi – “I tend to listen to the more older stuff really. More the classic stuff than the newer stuff because I relate to that more.”

However, Black Sabbath are grateful to the musicians/bands who have stated that Sabbath is their influence. Butler said: “It’s absolutely amazing because we were put down by the press for so long, we didn’t really care about that because we always sold out at gigs and stuff in America. And it wasn’t until bands like Anthrax covered Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Metallica cited us as their influence, we were going, ‘We’re being praised?!’”.

What the two men admitted is something logical and natural. Everybody is listening to the music he/she grew up with. God, did you expect that Black Sabbath would listen to Cannibal Corpse, Slipknot or Korn? Come on!

Tim "Ripper" Owens has again attracted the public interest, since he called Stephen King a loser. Judas Priest's ex-singer posted yesterday on Tweeter a photo of two NHL fans with paper bags over their heads and wrote: "Wow reading Stephen King tweets! Hahahahaha what a loser!!! This is the fans he has lost, including me. Hahahahaha. At least something he is writing know is scary"

The reason for this Owens' tweet is obviously political. Stephen King is against USA President, Donal Trump, and his way of governing the country, Owens is apparently a Trump fan. That explains anything. However, it wasn't wise from Owens to write these words for the famous horror writer, because most of his fans are also King fans. OK, everyone has an opinion, but distinguished people should not speak badly about other distinguished people!