Renowned British heavy metal band JUDAS PRIEST is set to launch their latest studio album, "Invincible Shield" on March 8, 2024, under the Sony Music label. The release date was revealed by singer Rob Halford during the Power Trip festival in Indio, California, on October 7. Prior to PRIEST's performance, the intro featured BLACK SABBATH's "War Pigs." During this moment, a graphic appeared on the video screens, unveiling the title "The Invincible Shield."

You can check out the cover artwork for the CD of "Invincible Shield" below.

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Aerosmith announced that their "PeaceOut!" farewell tour is postponed! The bad boys from Boston had to do so, since the vocal cord damage of Steven Tyler was more serious than initially thought ...

Here is the band's announcement: "To our fans: Unfortunately, Steven's vocal injury is more serious than initially thought. His doctor has confirmed that in addition to the damage to his vocal cords, he fractured his larynx which requires ongoing care. He is receiving the best medical treatment available to ensure his recovery is swift, but given the nature of a fracture, he is being told patience is essential. As a result, all the currently scheduled 'Peace Out' shows must be postponed to sometime in 2024, with new dates to be announced as soon as we know more".

Steven Tyler himself said: "I am heartbroken to not be out there with AEROSMITH, my brothers and the incredible BLACK CROWES, rocking with the best fans in the world. I promise we will be back as soon as we can!"

All previously purchased tickets will be honored for the rescheduled dates, and refunds will be available for those unable to attend once those dates are announced. Fans with questions regarding refunds should reach out to their point of purchase.

Timo Tolkki’s Strato sign with ROAR! Rock of Angels Records!

They started it all 39 years ago... 

Tuomo Lassila formed Stratovarius in Helsinki 1984, and is responsible together with the original guitar player Staffan Stråhlman for the band's name Stratovarius. One year later Timo Tolkki joined the band. Stratovarius released their debut album Fright Night (1989) through CBS Finland. From that started one of the biggest success stories in the history of metal. They defined what is currently known as “Power Metal” with albums like Fright Night (1989), Twilight Time (1993), Dreamspace (1994) and Fourth Dimension (1995).

Timo Tolkki wrote more than 100 songs for the band before leaving the group to embark on a successful solo career back in 2008, and is responsible for writing such Power Metal anthems like “Black Diamond”, “Hunting High and Low”, “Speed of Light”, “Paradise”, “Forever” and “Destiny”. More than 4 million copies of Tolkki-era Stratovarius albums have been sold. 

In the summer 2022 Timo Tolkki, Tuomo Lassila and Antti Ikonen met to discuss ideas to reform the original line up. In all secrecy, they have rehearsed in Tuomo’s garage (real back to the roots!) since January 2023, deciding to call themselves “Timo Tolkki’s Strato”. 

Today we proudly announce the signing of a multi-album deal with Timo Tolkki’s Strato and welcome the band to the ROAR! Rock of Angels roster.

Timo Tolkki’s Strato:
Timo Tolkki - Guitar/Vocals
Tuomo Lassila - Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Antti Ikonen – Keyboards
John Vihervä – Bass
Official Site:

The Master of Fright has no plans to retire! Alice Cooper says he still wants to be on stage at age 90!

Speaking exclusively to Rock Candy Mag as part of an in-depth 16-page cover story, legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper told writer Andrew Daly that he’s determined to buck the current trend of rock stars retiring.

“A farewell tour hasn’t crossed my mind at all,” said Alice, who turned 75 this year. “And it’s weird because all my friends are retiring. Gene Simmons said to me recently, ‘Look, I’m done. Come December it’s over.’ And I go, ‘Well, you know, these farewell tours go on for years and years now, right?’ But Gene was very serious and said, ‘Not this time. I promise you that come December, Kiss as we know it is absolutely done.’ The guys in Aerosmith are saying the same thing, as are many other bands from my era. But none of that occurs to me. It’s never been a thought that I’d retire. I feel great, and the band sounds great. I’m 75, but I’ll be up there at 90 if I’m still in good enough shape.”

Alice goes on to cite the Rolling Stones, who are still active and as relevant today as ever they have been, as his inspiration. “I’m looking at Mick Jagger as the prototype,” he says. “Mick still does three-hour shows and the soundcheck. So if Mick can do it, so can I.”