Another sign of restricting the freedom of art has been detected, this time in Ireland. Kevin Sheehan, Irish councillor, has requested from the Minister For Justice to stop Behemoth, the Polish black metallers, from playing in Limerick, Ireland, next week. The Polish band is scheduled to perform at King John's Castle on June 17, together with Amon Amarth. 

Sheehan said: "To me, the objection is well founded and it's quite justified. Satanism is associated with evil. And I'm a Christian. I wouldn't be blowing my trumpet too loud about that. I'm an average Christian, if there's such a thing. And what I am against totally is anything to do with Satanism and with evil thoughts, music or practices." And continued: "We have laws in this country. The justice minister, Charlie Flanagan, about a month ago decided to exercise a 1999 act which allowed him to prevent a pastor from America, a guy called Steven Anderson, and he had anti-Semitic and anti-gay views, and he was prevented, because of those views, from coming to Ireland. So I was calling on the minister to give serious consideration to using the same laws to prevent these Satanic people from coming to Limerick next Monday."

New signing at Steamhammer/SPV Records. And this time, it is a Greek band - Domination Inc.! The Greek thrash metal band will release its second studio album via Steamhammer/SPV on August 23, 2019. 

During the five years that have passed since their bombshell first record came out, Domination Inc. have gone from strength to strength within the worldwide metal scene while they received rave reviews for both their studio recordings and stage performance. As a support act, the Greek powerhouse made heavyweights such as Kreator, Annihilator or Sepultura break into a cold sweat for fear of getting upstaged, headlined successful international concerts and left its mark at festivals like the Wacken Open Air.

After such a tour de force and given the experience the musicians gained, it is out of the question to call them “Infants of Thrash” any longer, as the debut title suggested …but if there are still doubts about that, their second album Memoir 414 will sweep them aside in style. With the groundwork done by the band in collaboration with former Septic Flesh drummer Fotis Benardo at the helm of renowned Devasoundz Studios, the mastering job was entrusted to the practiced hands of Henrik Udd (Architects, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir and many more), and the result can only be described as state-of-the-art, setting thrash metal standards and thereby raising the bar for any genre act, upcoming and established alike.

In this regard, the tense political and social climate on their home turf and beyond cannot leave any attentive artist cold either. “For sure, Greece is where we come from and, as our local environment, has an impact on the music we make,” affirms Alpha, nevertheless quickly adding that they consider themselves to be global players. “These songs are meant to be a fresh start with which we want to make a difference.” Therefore, although “Inc.” was affixed to their moniker due to legal issues, it comes at just the right time in the quintet’s career to distinguish it even more poignantly from the mediocre pack: Domination Inc. are truly incorporated – an organized, well-oiled machine set to, in the truest sense of the word, … dominate!

The new album "Memoir 414" will be released worldwide on August 23rd, 2019  through SPV/Steamhammer as a CD digipak version, LP version, download and stream. 


Tim "Ripper" Owens has again attracted the public interest, since he called Stephen King a loser. Judas Priest's ex-singer posted yesterday on Tweeter a photo of two NHL fans with paper bags over their heads and wrote: "Wow reading Stephen King tweets! Hahahahaha what a loser!!! This is the fans he has lost, including me. Hahahahaha. At least something he is writing know is scary"

The reason for this Owens' tweet is obviously political. Stephen King is against USA President, Donal Trump, and his way of governing the country, Owens is apparently a Trump fan. That explains anything. However, it wasn't wise from Owens to write these words for the famous horror writer, because most of his fans are also King fans. OK, everyone has an opinion, but distinguished people should not speak badly about other distinguished people!


Legendary US metal act The Rods released their first single and lyric video for the song "Louder Than Loud" a few days ago. The song is taken from the forthcoming studio album "Brotherhood Of Metal", which will be released through SPV/Steamhammer on June 07th, 2019 as CD DigiPak, 2LP Gatefold (incl bonus track "Crank It Up (35 Years)", download and stream.
Drummer Carl Canedy says: "Louder than Loud was the first song written for the new album. It was also the working title for the album until the very last moment. The idea was to write about how we approach our stage show! It has to be loud and if you can make it louder then definitely CRANK IT UP! This is also one of the songs I'm most anxious to perform live! It's a balls to the wall track from beginning to end!".
David "Rock" Feinstein - guitar, vocals
Carl Canedy - drums
Garry Bordonaro - bass