Slipknot's frontman, Corey Taylor has finished the recordings of his debut solo album. This news was announced during his appearance on We Are Hear's "Raise Your Horns With Lzzy Hale", hosted by HALESTORM's Lzzy Hale.

The recordings were completed during the coronavirus quarantine - Taylor said: "I secretly recorded my first solo album. I did with the band I've been using for my solo shows for years, and just a bunch of people that I've been working with forever. So it's Jason [Christopher on bass], Dustin [Schoenhofer] on drums, from Walls of Jericho and countless other things, and [guitarist] Zach Throne, who I've been jamming with for a long time, and Tooch [guitarist Christian Martucci], actually, from Stone Sour. All five of us did it. We went in and we recorded 25 songs in about two and a half weeks, and we did everything live. And it's dope — really, really cool."

And he continued: "All the songs are things that I've written over the years but they didn't really fit with either band. So it's stuff that I've just kind of been sitting on. And I realized — I just kind of turned around and I was just, like, 'Geez, I've got all these songs.' And I've been kind of talking about doing a solo album anyway, and I was just, like, 'This is the perfect time to do it.' And picking those guys was the perfect combo, 'cause we all just love the same kinds of music — the same kinds of rock, the same kinds of punk, the same kinds of metal, the same kinds of everything — and we all were able to incorporate those influences into everything".

Warrior Path, the Greek epic metal sensation, has announced its new singer. Daniel Heiman will sing in the band's upcoming, second album. Heiman was the lead singer of Swedish power metal band, Lost Horizon, and released two albums with them, "Awakening the World" (2001) and "A Flame to the Ground Beneath" (2003). Of course it's great news that Warrior Path's new album will feature Heiman (aka Ethereal Magnanimus in Lost Horizon), one of the most interesting and skilled vocalists in the 00's. We are so curious to listen to the band's new opus, which will be soon be recorded, and will be released in fall 2020.



Evanescence's guitarist Jen Majura, Gus G and Mike Portnoy met online and played a jam of Rudy Clark's "Got My Mind Set On You", which became famous, when covered by George Harrison.

Majura posted a video of the jam on YouTube, writing: "Give it up for this week's jam squad: (drum roll) Mike Portnoy and (fanfare) Gus G! We gathered together digitally to jam George Harrison's classic 'Got my mind set on you' for you! Hope you like it. Please like the video, share it with your friends to make them smile and spread happiness."

Gus shared the clip via Twitter and wrote: "My friend @JenMajura does these awesome 1 min jam video covers and I'm happy to join her & the legend @MikePortnoy as we're all jamming away on the classic George Harrison track 'I got my mind set on you'. Special guest cameo: Leon & Valentino".

Rock n' roll trailblazer, Little Richard, died yesterday (Saturday, 9th May 2020) at the age of 87. It is a great loss for the world of rock n' roll, since Little Richard was one of the architects of rock n' roll music, a father of the whole rock n' roll genre with classic hits, like "Tutti Frutti", "Lucile", "Keep a Knockin'" and "Long Tall Sally". As it was written in CNN, Little Richard was like no other: a flamboyant, makeup-wearing, piano-playing black man who personified the "devil's music" to establishment guardians. 

Dick Alen, his former agent, confirmed his death. Alen said Little Richard died in Nashville with his brother and son by his side, and the cause of death is related to bone cancer.

Goodbye to one of the originators of rock n' roll...