UK progressive metal band, Ark Ascent, featuring former Shadowkeep vocalist Rogue Marechal, current DGM bassist Andrea Arcangeli and Sirenia drummer Michael Brush have announced the release of their debut album "Downfall' on September 27th, 2019 via Ascent Records. With their first release, Ark Ascent take you on a journey, following the fate of humankind at the onset of a major disaster that will eventually lead to its destruction. "Downfall' was mixed by Rich Hinks (Annihilator, Silent Call, Aeon Zen, etc.) and mastered by Rob Aubrey (Spock's Beard, Pendragon, Dragonforce, etc.).Cover artwork by Bob Eggleton (Bibliography: Dragons' Domain, The Star Dragons, Primal Darkness, etc.) and logo design by Eric Philippe (Steve Walsh, The Rods, Coldspell, Phenomena, etc.). Ark Ascent have recently released a music video for the song "Sanctuary".

Track listing:

1. Arrival
2. Point Of No Return
3. Sanctuary
4. Darkest Hour
5. Farewell
6. Downfall
7. Ascension
8. Innocence Lost
9. The Aftermath
10. Closer To Heaven
11. The End Of Time

Ark Ascent is:

Rogue Marechal – Vocals
Jack Kirby – Guitars
Andrea Arcangeli – Bass 
Michael Brush – Drums

Guest: Katia Filipovic – Keyboards


Undoubtedly, "... And Justice for All" is one of Metallica's classic albums, and remains a fan-favourite. It is true though that since the day it was released in 1988, it has been criticized for the lack of any bass guitar on the final sound. Jason Newsted's bass is buried in the mix and the drum sound is on the forefront. Many fans blame Lars Ulrich for that, and if you google it, you may find many videos of the album's songs on YouTube, where Newsted's performance is more audible. James Hetfield was interviewed in the So What! Metallica fan magazine and was asked about these matters:

Did Newsted approach James and Lars to say that the bass was lower in the mix than he had expected? - "He probably did. I don't know what my answer was then, but it was kinda done. I mean, I will say, it was not all about, 'Fuck him. Let's turn him down.' That's for sure. We wanted the best-sounding record we could make. That was our goal. We were burnt. We were frigging fried. Going back and forth [between touring and mixing the album]. Playing a gig. No earplugs, no nothing. You go back into the studio, your hearing is shot. If your ears can't hear any high end anymore, you're gonna turn it up. So we're turning the high end up more and more and more and all of a sudden, low end's gone. So I know that played a bigger part than any hazing or any ill feelings towards Jason, for sure. We were fried. We were burnt".

Was Lars the culprit for the final mix (as Steve Thompson, one of the album mixers, said)? - ""We wanted it tight. We wanted it fucking tight. That's what we wanted. We wanted the snare, we wanted the guitar, we wanted everything up front and in your face and really tight. And we thought we got it. And, you know, we kinda know what we want to sound like. Can we sit behind a desk and make it happen? No. We ask people to do it, and they do it. So (Thompson) did his job. He's got nothing to apologize for or point fingers at. No one's to blame for 'something.' It is a piece of art. It happened and it ended up the way it is for a reason. And for reasons we were just talking about. We were burnt. We're traveling, we're playing a gig, our ears were fried. We were not sleeping. He doesn't need to defend himself. He was a part of an awesome album in history, so I think he should be maybe be a little easier on himself".

And what about the calls for a new, remixed, more bassy "... And Justice For All"? - "All this (bass discussion) is after the fact, and it's, like, who gives a shit, man, really?". And why would you change that? Why would you change history? Why would you all of a sudden put bass on it? There is bass on it, but why would you remix an album? You can remaster it, yes, but why would you remix something and make it different? It'd be like… I don't know. Not that I'm comparing us to the Mona Lisa, but it's, like, 'Uh, can we make her smile a little better?!' You know?! Why?".




As it seems, misfortune struck Aerosmith!

Steven Tyler took a tumble during a concert of the band in Maryland Thursday night (August 8). That happened during the performance of the Aerosmith classic "Walk This Way": Tyler took a misstep and then fell, before a roadie went over to help him. Despite that accident, Tyler kept singing while lying on his back on the stage and finished the show as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, Aerosmith drummer, Joey Kramer, twisted his ankle during a rehearsal and was forced to miss August 8 concert at MGM National Harbor in Maryland (Kramer's drum technician John Douglas filled in for him). Fortunately, he is better now and will go on with the Aerosmith "Deuces Are Wild" tour.


The legendary longtime Motörhead guitarist, Phil Campbell, is ready to release his first-ever solo album! "Old Lions Still Roar" is scheduled for release on October 25th via Nuclear Blast Recordsand it feautures performances from distinguished rock/metal artists, eg Dee Snider, Mick Mars, Rob Halford, Alice Cooper and others. Campbell has finalized his work on the album and has just released his first single off the record, called "These Old Boots". 

Campbell commented: "I'm really happy to release my first solo album, "Old Lions Still Roar", worldwide. I'm also honoured to have mega talented guests and friends do their thing. Looking forward to everyone taking a listen!"

"Old Lions Still Roar" will feature two different covers, a black and white one (CD slipcase & digital) and a coloured one (vinyl). The tracklist with the featuring artists is as below:

01. Rocking Chair feat. Leon Stanford
02. Straight Up feat. Rob Halford
03. Faith In Fire feat. Ben Ward
04. Swing It feat. Alice Cooper
05. Left For Dead feat. Nev MacDonald
06. Walk The Talk feat. Danko Jones & Nick Oliveri
07. These Old Boots feat. Dee Snider, Mick Mars & Chris Fehn 
08. Dancing Dogs (Love Survives) feat. Whitfield Crane
09. Dead Roses feat. Benji Webbe
10. Tears From A Glass Eye feat. Joe Satriani