Following their latest, critically acclaimed studio album, The Last Viking (2020, AFM Records), symphonic metal masters LEAVES‘ EYES decided to start an upcoming throwback-series while digging deeper into their back catalogue treasury. As a first jewel, the band just recently presented a stunning acoustic version of the LEAVES‘ EYES classic and 2015-album title track "King Of Kings“ which was originally recorded with former vocalist Liv Kristine.

Says vocalist Elina Siirala"Dark Love Empress is one of my favourite songs to play live! It's such a dynamic song with powerful lyrics and this combination gave a perfect canvas for creating a more delicate version of it. It felt very natural to play the piano arrangement as the song gives me so many visual images alongside the musical inspiration. This piano version brings out a whole different side of the song also vocally and that’s one of the reasons I love making acoustic versions of our songs."