Timo Tolkki is coming back with a new Avalon album. Timo Tolkki's Avalon will release "The Enigma Birth" album on June 18, 2021, which will be out via Frontiers Music. First single will come on April 13th, 2021. 

Early pre-orders on CD/LP available from the EU and U.S. webstores now. EU: https://www.frontiers.shop/ | USA: https://frontiers-us.shop/

Below you can see the album cover, the recording line-up and the tracklist of "The Enigma Birth".

Timo Tolkki - guitars
Andrea Arcangeli - bass
Marco Lazzarini - drums
Antonio Agate - keys & orchestra
Additional guitars by Federico Maraucci and Aldo Lonobile
1. The Enigma Birth feat. PelleK
2. I Just Collapse feat. Caterina Nix and Chaos Magic
3. Memories feat. Caterina Nix, Brittney Slayes
4. Master Of Hell feat. Raphael Mendes
5. Beautiful Lie feat. James Labrie
6. Truth feat. Jake E
7. Another Day feat. Marina La Torraca
8. Beauty And War feat. Raphael Mendes
9. Dreaming feat. Fabio Lione (Official)
10. The Fire And The Sinner feat. Jake E, Brittney Slayes
11. Time feat. Marina La Torraca
12. Without Fear feat. Fabio Lione