"We have an album that's already done and it's ready to go," says Cheap Trick singer Robin Zander. "It's been put on hold because of the virus… We're very excited about it. We signed a deal with BMG. And we'll see what happens". According to Robin, the new Cheap Trick LP will please the band's longtime followers, including those who have supported the group since its inception nearly five decades ago. "We've made a lot of records, and we just continue making records — for ourselves mostly, but also for our immediate fans that still cling to us," he says. "It's something, I think, that is our lifeblood; it keeps us going… And I believe that we still make quality records. If we didn't, we probably wouldn't do it anymore".

This past September, Cheap Trick released a cover version of David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel", engineered and produced by Jack Douglas.