This is a question that all Yes fans have been asking the last few years - will all the surviving members of Yes finally get together for a tour? Well, Jon Anderson, legendary ex-Yes singer, told in a radio interview that he is still hopeful he can reunite with his former bandmates to mark the group's 50th anniversary.

Anderson said: "I'd love to get the whole of Yes together one day in the next couple of years — everybody, 20 of us on stage, that kind of thing". "I had a dream about it about a month ago. I was there with my guitar. I went on first. I sang a couple of songs and said hello to everybody. And then Steve Howe's band came on, and then, after that, I joined the band, with Steve in the band, and sang 'Close To The Edge', and Rick [Wakeman] came on as well, and then Trevor [Rabin] came on, and we did 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart', and then we all did 'Awaken' and it was a beautiful moment".

We will be keeping our fingers crossed that someday soon that will finally happen!