Garage rock n' rollers The Hellacopters are working on a new album in more than a decade! Guitarist/vocalist Nicke Andersson told the news regarding the Swedes' recording sessions on the latest episode of "Dr Gong's Drumcast".

He said: "We're working on a new Hellacopters album. We recorded about seven basic tracks [so far]. The thing is we do it very 'here and there.' The stars have to be aligned — literally. People think I'm the busiest guy, but no. It's, like, 'Well, I'm free here.' 'Oh, then I have to go to the country to the summer house.' It's that kind of thing. And then Dregen has Backyard Babies. I think I'm busy, but he's the busiest man I've ever known".

The Hellacopters was formed in 1994 by Nicke Andersson (Entombed) and Andreas Tyrone "Dregen" Svensson (guitar, Backyards Babies).