During the last few days there have been a lot of rumours about Iron Maiden having completed their new album, with Kevin Shirley as the producer again. 

  • Just before Christmas, on Monday (December 23rd), Shirley offered a recap of 2019 on social media and alluded to a renewed Iron Maiden collaboration, saying that he spent three months in Paris earlier this year "working very hard on an unnamed but not-very-secret project." He added: "I finished with a loud ringing in my ears."
  • An Italian Iron Maiden fan site (Maiden Concerts) was the first media source who speculated that the legendary British band had already finished their work on their new, 17th studio album. The site gathered social media evidence that all six members of the band, their wives and Shirley were in Paris at the same time.
  • And finally, Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson, hinted at a new Iron Maiden studio effort, during Iron Maiden's summer 2019 North American tour, telling the crowd "New Iron Maiden songs — sooner than you think" and that fresh music from the band wasn't "beyond the bounds of possibility," adding that a new Iron Maiden record was essentially a "certainty".