Luca Turilli and Fabio Lione have reunited and are working on a new Turilli/Lione Rhapsody album! 

Turilli and Lione posted the following message on Facebook: "Original RHAPSODY members LUCA TURILLI and FABIO LIONE re-join forces to write and record a new album under Turilli / Lione RHAPSODY. It will be the first time that they will record new music together in over 8 years. The band will be completed by former RHAPSODY members Dominique Leurquin, Patrice Guers and Alex Holzwarth. The band is set to enter the studio this winter to record their debut album. To help finance the album they have launched a crowdfunding campaign, where you can pre-order the upcoming album and other perks:".

The Indiegogo campaign of the band is already very successful. "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and positive feedback (and jokes;)) on Turilli / Lione RHAPSODY. Within the first 24 hours we have already reached more than 50% of our crowdfunding goal what totally blows us away, thank you!!", the band posted.

The news is great, but it would be interesting to know which is the reaction of Alex Staropoli (one of the founders of Rhapsody, keyboards).