Conception, the prog metal legends, have returned, as they announced in May 2018. They have just released a single package, named "Re:Conception", which features three tracks, the instrumental intro "Re:Conception", "Grand Again" and "Feather Moves". The first two songs will be part of the reunited band's new EP, "My Dark Symphony", which will be out on November 23rd.

See what the band posted on Facebook: "After a break from releasing of (just!) 21 years, we're super excited to share our new single package "Re:Conception" with you all today. Check it out here 🤘👊🤘
P.S. Thanks to everyone for your support. Some of you who pre-ordered might just be in for an early surprise treat".

"Wow, truly humbled to be bothering the charts in a number of countries right now, and sitting pretty at the top in our homeland of Norway! Thanks everyone! Apple Music iTunes Oh and in case anyone missed it the first time, you can listen to the new single package here!".



  • Tore Østby - guitars (1989–1998, 2018–present)
  • Roy Khan - lead vocals (1991–1998, 2018–present)
  • Ingar Amlien - bass guitar (1990–1998, 2018–present)
  • Arve Heimdal - drums (1990–1998, 2018–present)