On the 21st of August, American President Donald Trump used a well-known Aerosmith song ("Livin' on the Edge" off the "Get A Grip" album) at a rally, at West Virginia's Charleston Civic Center. That caused the reaction of Aerosmith's frontman, Steven Tyler, who asked Trump not to use again an Aerosmith song for his political campaigns or rallies. Tyler's lawyer sent a letter to the White House, "accusing the President of willful infringement in broadcasting the song". It should be mentioned that is not happening for the first time since Aerosmith classic song "Dream On" was used at Trump rallies. 

Steven Tyler tweeted: "This is not about Dems vs. Repub. I do not let anyone use my songs without my permission. My music is for causes, not for political campaigns or rallies. Protecting copyright and songwriters is what I've been fighting for even before this current administration took office", "This is one of the reasons why Joe Perry and I have been pushing the senate to pass the Music Modernization Act. No is a complete sentence".