Iron Maiden, who have embarked on their "Legacy of the Beast" European tour 2018, are facing another lawsuit, over songwriting credits. According to The Sun (the English newspaper), the band's former singer Dennis Willcock, who sang for Iron Maiden in 1976 and 1977, has filed a lawsuit against the band, claiming that Iron Maiden stole some lyrics that Wilcock had written, to some of their early classic songs ("Prowler", "Charlotte The Harlot", "Phantom Of The Opera", "Iron Maiden" and "Prodigal Son"). These songs were included in Maiden's first two albums ("Iron Maiden" and "Killers"). These allegations are "outrageous" and "absolutely ridiculous", as a spokesperson for the band said. With this suit, which was filed by lawyer Barry McKay, Steve Harris, Dave Murray and the publishing company Imagem London Limited are sued over £2,000,000 in disputed lyric credits and resulting damages.

This is another legal action by former Iron Maiden members, with which they try to gain money and fame, based on their minimal contribution to the band's classic works. And it is funny, because Willcock claims that he never knew his lyrics were used, because he never listened to the band's albums! What a pity!