It started as a "fun thing", but now it is a proper band. Rage's Peavy Wagner has formed a new band, Refuge, with his former bandmates in Rage, Manni Schmidt (guitars) and Chris Efthimiadis (drums). Refuge is the reincarnation of Rage's classic line-up, that released records such as "Trapped!" (1992) and "The Missing Link" (1993). Peavy's new brainchild is going to release its debut, "Solitary Men" on June 8, via Frontiers Music, and the first single ("From the Ashes") is available now and can be streamed below.

Peavy said: "The band sounds nearly the same like back then, maybe a bit more relaxed, mature, with more individual experience, but the general vibe is still the same. We know each other blindly. In order to write the songs, we created the same set-up we had 30 years ago. We rented the same rehearsal room and jammed together in a live situation and the magic was back! I'm glad that we could use and finalize some of our ideas from back then, stuff that we couldn't use in that days for several reasons. The song 'Waterfalls', for example, was always one of my unfinished favorites. I'm proud we were able to bring it to light now finally!" And he continues: "We want to continue doing this together as long as possible. It is a manifestation of our reborn old friendship and it is a 'coming from the heart' thing for us to do it".