As everybody already knows, Ritchie Blackmore' s Rainbow played some live shows in 2016, after Blackmore's decision to "just get back to playing the old songs one more time". However, he has changed his mind and now we have the honor to listen to the band's new song! It is the song "Waiting for a Sign" which is penned by Blackmore (lyrics written by Blackmore's wife Candice Night) and it is the band's first song, since 1996! This track will be included on "Memories in Rock II", which is due on April 6 via Minstrel Hall/Soulfood. The current incarnation of Rainbow features, besides Blackmore, singer Ronnie Romero, Stratovarius keyboardist Jens Johansson, Blackmore's Night drummer David Keith, bassist Bob Nouveau (a.k.a. Robert "Bob" Curiano, ex-Blackmore's Night), and backing singers Candice Night and Lady Lynn.