Lots of news arriving for all fans of our Swedish warriors Brothers of Metal: Following their successful debut “Prophecy Of Ragnarök”, the band announces the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, titled "Emblas Saga", scheduled for December 6th. The artwork was created by Peter Sallai (Sabaton, Powerwolf). You can pre-order "Emblas Saga" here: http://afmrec.de/EmblasSaga


UK progressive metal band, Ark Ascent, featuring former Shadowkeep vocalist Rogue Marechal, current DGM bassist Andrea Arcangeli and Sirenia drummer Michael Brush have announced the release of their debut album "Downfall' on September 27th, 2019 via Ascent Records. With their first release, Ark Ascent take you on a journey, following the fate of humankind at the onset of a major disaster that will eventually lead to its destruction. "Downfall' was mixed by Rich Hinks (Annihilator, Silent Call, Aeon Zen, etc.) and mastered by Rob Aubrey (Spock's Beard, Pendragon, Dragonforce, etc.).Cover artwork by Bob Eggleton (Bibliography: Dragons' Domain, The Star Dragons, Primal Darkness, etc.) and logo design by Eric Philippe (Steve Walsh, The Rods, Coldspell, Phenomena, etc.). Ark Ascent have recently released a music video for the song "Sanctuary".

Track listing:

1. Arrival
2. Point Of No Return
3. Sanctuary
4. Darkest Hour
5. Farewell
6. Downfall
7. Ascension
8. Innocence Lost
9. The Aftermath
10. Closer To Heaven
11. The End Of Time

Ark Ascent is:

Rogue Marechal – Vocals
Jack Kirby – Guitars
Andrea Arcangeli – Bass 
Michael Brush – Drums

Guest: Katia Filipovic – Keyboards


AFM-Records is stoked to announce the brand new Crystal Viper album, “Tales Of Fire And Ice”, released by AFM Records on November 22nd, 2019. Crystal Viper is a female fronted heavy metal act from Poland, founded by the singer, guitarist and composer, Marta Gabriel. While the band is often labeled as an NWOTHM act (new wave of traditional heavy metal), their new album, "Tales Of Fire And Ice", presents a bit different approach. New songs are heavier, more intense, but first of all: more melodic. The album will be available as a CD, limited edition vinyl LP and digital download, the cover photo was taken by the famous Belgian photographer Tim Tronckoe, known for his cooperation with acts such as Nightwish, Delain or Epica. CD and digital version of the album will include a bonus track in the shape of a Dokken cover "Dream Warriors" (originally recorded for "A Nightmare On Elm Street 3" movie), while the vinyl LP version will include Crystal Viper's rendition of the I-TEN song "Alone", mainly known as the power ballad recorded by Heart!

Track listing:
01. Prelude
02. Still Alive
03. Crystal Sphere
04. Bright Lights
05. Neverending Fire
06. Interlude
07. Under Ice
08. One Question
09. Tomorrow Never Comes (Dyatlov Pass)
10. Tears Of Arizona
11. Dream Warriors (CD bonus track)
11. Alone (LP bonus track)


As it seems, misfortune struck Aerosmith!

Steven Tyler took a tumble during a concert of the band in Maryland Thursday night (August 8). That happened during the performance of the Aerosmith classic "Walk This Way": Tyler took a misstep and then fell, before a roadie went over to help him. Despite that accident, Tyler kept singing while lying on his back on the stage and finished the show as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, Aerosmith drummer, Joey Kramer, twisted his ankle during a rehearsal and was forced to miss August 8 concert at MGM National Harbor in Maryland (Kramer's drum technician John Douglas filled in for him). Fortunately, he is better now and will go on with the Aerosmith "Deuces Are Wild" tour.