Magnum, Gypsy Rose - Gagarin 205, Athens…

December 29, 2018 LIVE REPORTS

On my way to Gagarin 205, I was wondering how many people would attend this Magnum show. On the one hand, it was Magnum's first visit to Greece, but on the other hand, firstly, I don't think that there are so many pomp/melodic hard rock fans in Greece and secondly, Magnum is an underrated band. It was a big surprise for me to see that many rock/metal fans had come to enjoy the live set of this historic band. We took our seat in the venue and waited eagerly for the British melodic rockers. The band which would open for the headliners was Gypsy Rose. The Canadians, who started their career back in the late ‘80s, were the perfect appetizer and managed to warm up the audience, with their melodic hard rock songs. The band showed us that they are still in good shape and that they can rock. I...

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